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2018-07-05 - 2018-07-07 LOENG: Permaculture Workshop

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Ökosüsteemide taastamisele keskenduv permakultuuri seminar Albert Batesi ja Bernd Neugebaueriga
Permaculture Workshop on Regenerative Development

Lilleorus, GEN EUROPE 2018 CONVERENTS-i avaüritus.

Sustainability is an overused and misused word in most languages. In the physical world absolutely nothing is sustainable. Nothing. We need to accept that. What sustains us is change, and our ability to adapt and innovate.

Sustainability is a bit like treading water. What is it you are trying to sustain? The endless economic growth industrial paradigm? Creature comforts that require long supply chains and toxic pollution that hopefully you never have to see? A consumerist ethos backed by military might, sewing discord and terror around the planet? These are the things that must change, quickly, or the change we shall experience will be a very unpleasant human extinction... rohkem infot ja registreerimine järgneval lingil. http://gen2018.ee/program/permaculture- ... -july-5-7/